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Antisemitic Boycott Agitation in Canada: People Walking in Streets Accosted and Asked to Sign Boycot

The “Ordre Patriotique des Goglus”, the organisation behind the antisemitic campaign that is being waged in the Province of Quebec, has now started an anti-Jewish boycott agitation.

This is carried on, not only in their three weekly publications, where Jewish merchants are assailed and maligned, but also by accosting people in the streets and handing them boycott slips which they are asked to sign and forward to the Ordre.

The boycott declaration reads as follows:

“To the Ordre Patriotique des Goglus, I swear before God and my Canadian Country that, from now on, I shall never buy anything from a Jew nor encourage any Jew in any way what so ever”.

The anti-Jewish issue has also been introduced into the election campaign in the Laurier Ward of Montreal, where Alderman Max Seigler is standing for re-election in the municipal elections on April 4th. One of his opponents has opened his campaign with an appeal to the French Canadians to recapture the seat from the Jews. “Let the French Canadian flag fly once again over this part of the city,” he cried. “Do not let Jewry conquer you”.