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Every Jew Must Vote for Hindenburg Says Proclamation Issued by German Zionist Federation Following U

Vote for Hindenburg, says a proclamation published to-day by the German Zionist Federation in its official organ, the “Juedische Rundschau”, following up the similar appeal issued by the Central Union of German Citizens of Jewish Faith.

Every Jew must vote for Hindenburg, the Zionist appeal says, in order to avert the present grave menace that is threatening the Jewish population of Germany. Jews are interested in the present election not only as citizens, it goes on, but also specifically as Jews, for if Hitler wins, the Jewish situation in Germany will be worse than was the Jewish situation in Czarist Russia. Jews will be deprived of their citizenship, and of their other rights, and they will live under a regime of antisemitic terrorism.

There is no ground for the belief that Hitler, if he is elected, will moderate his antisemitism, the Zionist Federation warns the Jewish electors, because the antisemitic slogans are too deeply rooted among his following that he should be able to calm them down.