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Must Not Vote for That Man Whose Party Stands for Depriving Us of Our Rights and Whose Victory Would

There is no need now for election proclamations, says the appeal issued by the Central Union of German Citizens of Jewish Faith.

Everyone knows what the issue is. That man must not be elected whose party stands for depriving us of our rights, and whose victory would bring evil upon our fatherland and would destroy liberty.

President Hindenburg has proved himself a man of uncompromising honesty and a loyal guardian of the German Constitution, it proceeds, It is therefore, the duty of every responsible Jewish German to vote for him. He will never permit Germany to do anything that is unconstitutional. He is the protector of Germany’s internal peace. Therefore vote for Hindenburg.

Those whose political views differ from those of the President, those who harbour ideas close to those of the Communist, and who think that they should therefore vote for Thaelmann, or abstain-from voting, to them we say-there is no time now for theoretical differences. Every vote that is not given to Hindenburg helps Hitler. Is there any Jewish German who can take upon himself the responsibility for that? The question at stake now is the maintenance of our rights or the loss of our rights. All Jewish Germans on the day of the election will therefore with a feeling of responsibility for their homeland and for their rights give their votes to Hindenburg.