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Arabs Participating in Tel Aviv Maccabiade: 2,800 Arrivals in One Day for Levant Fair and Maccabiade

The Tel Aviv Municipality is giving a reception tonight in connection with the Maccabiade, which will be officially opened to-morrow, with 27 countries represented, including many Arabs from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Tunis.

Mr. Dizengoff, the Mayor of Tel Aviv, Dr. Arlossor-off, member of the Jewish Agency Executive, and Miss Henrietta Szold will deliver addresses. The members of the Habimah Hebrew Theatre Company will give a performance.

The Tel Aviv Municipality has called upon the population to decorate their houses during the Maccabiade and to cease work this afternoon and to-morrow when the official opening will take place, as well as on Thursday during half-day closing.

About 2,800 people arrived in Palestine this morning to attend the Maccabiade and the Levant Fair.

Tel Aviv, as well as practically the whole of Palestine, has now begun to be lighted by electricity supplied by the Jordan Works of the Rutenberg Palestine Electricity Corporation, and the town will be brightly illuminated during the period of the Levant Fair and the Maccabiade.