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Impossible to Be Silent when Scrolls of Law Burned in Light of Day in Presence of Representatives of

The answer given by the Roumanian Premier, Professor Jorga, to the interpellation put by Deputy Michael Landau (reported in the J.T.A. Bulletin yesterday) regarding the antisemitic excesses in Jassy, especially regarding the burning of the ten Scrolls of the Law, is not satisfactory, the London “Jewish Times” declares to-day editorially. It is even insulting, it proceeds, because he tries to make responsible a Jewish Deputy for the great animosity with which the antisemites of Roumania are poisoning the lives of the Jews in that country. It is the duty of the Jewish representatives all over the world to act against these scandalous happenings in Roumania. It is impossible to be silent when a new auto-dafe is allowed, when Scrolls of the Law are burned in the light of day and in the presence of representatives of law and order.