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Roumanian Government Suppresses Antisemitic Iron Guard Organisation: Premises Closed Down and Sealed

The Iron Guard Home in Bucharest has been closed and sealed by the authorities here on the instructions of the Government, and similar action has been taken at the Bucharest Rome of its affiliated organisation, the Order of the Archangel Michael. Manifestos issued by both organisations have been confiscated.

This action has been taken following a special meeting of the Cabinet, at which it was decided to suppress the Iron Guard and its affiliated bodies because of the serious anti-Jewish excesses carried out by its members in Jassy. An order to this effect has been circulated to all district Prefects and gendarmerie commandants throughout the country.

The Jews of Jassy have proclaimed a fast day and a week of mourning for the desecration of the synagogue and the burning of ten Scrolls of the Law. The entire Jewish population of the city will attend the solemn service which will be held in the Jewish cemetery when the remains of the Scrolls will be interred.