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Palestine Jewish Women’s Leader Appointed As Representative of All-asiatic Women’s Conference with S

Dr. Rosa Welt-Straus, the President of the Palestine Jewish Women’s Equal Rights Association, has been appointed by the All-Asiatic Women’s Conference, which has its seat at Madras, in India, to serve as its representative on the Women’s Consultative Committee on Nationality, which has been set up by the League of Nations.

Dr. Rosa Welt-Straus has frequently represented the Jewish women of Palestine at League of Nations consultative and other international gatherings. While she was attending the International Women’s Suffrage Alliance Congress held in Paris a few years ago, she explained in an interview with the J.T.A. that the Palestine Jewish Women’s Equal Rights Association, of which she is President, was founded in 1919 to obtain equality of rights for the Jewish women in Palestine. We have succeeded in obtaining for the Jewish women the right to take part in the municipal life of some of the towns and colonies, she said. In order to gain that right they had refused to pay rates until their demand was conceded.

Her organisation, she added, was also seeking to obtain complete rights for women in matters of inheritance and guardianship, marriage and divorce.

In her speech to the Congress, she said that “in Palestine, the country where three Continents meet, where three religions rule, where peace was preached and warfare continually waged the only thing on which all agreed was the oppression of woman”.