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Roumanian Government Acts Against Its Antisemites: Iron Guard Being Suppressed Throughout Country: B

The Roumanian Government is proceeding with its work of suppressing the antisemitic Iron Guard Organisation, and all over the country the local authorities, acting on the instructions of the Government in Bucharest, are closing down the premises of the Iron Guard, and its affiliated organisation, the Order of the Archangel Michael, and confiscating all documents found there. This has now been done not only in the big cities like Bucharest and Jassy, but also in a number of smaller towns like Braila.

Ion Dumitrescu, the Greek orthodox priest at Borsha, who was one of the ringleaders of the anti-Jewish outbreak in Borsha in the summer of 1930, and a leading Iron Guardist in the Marmorosz district, has been ordered by the Government to leave Borsha together with his family.