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“international Jewish Finance” Agitation Conducted by M. Coty Paris Perfume Manufacturer and Newspap

M. Coty, the big perfume manufacturer and owner of several Paris newspapers, who has taken over the role which Mr. Henry Ford abandoned in 1927 when he made his public apology to the Jews, is intensifying his anti-Jewish agitation, and to-day his papers print vicious attacks on the “international Jewish bankers”, mentioning especially Messrs. Kuhn, Loeb & Company, who are accused of directing the present American policy. Allegations are made that the late Mr. Jacob Schiff, who was the head of Messrs. Kuhn, Loeb & Company, financed the Russian Revolution, in order to smash Czarism because it was anti-Jewish, and that the Jewish Colonisation Association (Ica) is conducting a subversive activity among the Jews of Poland and Roumania.