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Berlin Jewish Community Appeals for Jewish Unity: at Time Like Present when Existence of German Jewr

In view of the occurrences at the meeting of the Representative Assembly of our Community held on April 7th., we find it necessary to make public the following statement, the Board of the Berlin Jewish Community says in a statement appearing in the current issue of the official organ of the Berlin Jewish Community.

At a time like the present, at a moment when the existence of German Jewry is seriously menaced, the statement reads, our community needs the cohesion of all its members more than at any previous time. Political differences inside the community must be avoided. Our community must, as a united community, take into account the requirements of all its various religious tendencies. In addition to its activities in the sphere of Jewish religion, it is also obliged to promote social and cultural endeavours which are in accord with the, views of all its members. It therefore provides for the spreading of Jewish learning and engages in extensive work in all branches of welfare work. The spheres of activity of the community at a time of distress like the present are so manifold that every member, irrespective of his personal convictions in disputed questions, can find an opportunity to help in communal life on an equality with everyone else, and in a position selected by himself.