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Polish Minister of Education Denounced As Tool of World-jewry Because He Has Given Public Recognitio

The “Gazeta Warszawaka”, the chief organ of the National Democratic Party, has launched an attack upon the Minister of Education, M. Jedrzejewicz, because his Ministry has given public recognition to two Hebrew Tarbuth High Schools in Poland.

Twenty per cent. of the students at the Polish State High Schools are Jewish, the paper claims, and the Jews play a tremendous part in Polish cultural life, yet it is not enough for the Jews, and Poland is to be turned into a motherland of the Jewish intellectuals throughout thelworld through the medium of the Hebrew High Schools. The British Government in Palestine has not given any rights to the Hebrew schools in that country, the paper asserts. There are no Hebrew public schools in Palestine, so Poland is to be the Jewish motherland, and our Education Minister, M. Jedrzejewicz, is simply a tool of world Jewry, giving effect to the Jewish dream.