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Hitlerists Take Legal Action Against Dr. Weiss

Deputy Frick, who was the Hitlerist Minister of Education and of the Interior in Thuringia during the Hitlerist regime there, announces in a leading article in the chief Hitlerist organ, the “Voelkischer Beobachter”, that legal action has been started against “the Jew Weiss” for having exceeded the powers of his office by ordering his police like a field-marshal to arrest the Nazi fraction in the Reichstag for having called him “Isidore”.

Legal action against Dr. Weiss is an empty demonstration, the J.T.A. is informed, because the President of the Reichstag, Herr Loebe, formally resigned to Dr. Weiss, as the police chief all his rights in the Reichstag for the purpose of arresting the Hitlerist Deputies who had assaulted Commander Scholtz, and created riotous scenes in the Reichstag in defiance of his authority.