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United Jewish Front Against Antisemitism to Be Formed in America: American Jewish Committee Asked by

The 20th. anniversary Conference of the United Synagogue of America, which was concluded to-day at Atlantic City, has adopted a resolution asking the American Jewish Committee, of which Dr. Cyrus Adler is President, to take steps to bring about a united front of all Jewish organisations in America prepared to join in combating antisemitism.

The Conference has endorsed the “back-to-the-synagogue movement” proposed by Judge Horace Stern, Chairman of the Executive of the American Jewish Committee, and supported by Dr. Cyrus Adler in his address to the opening session of the Conference. The resolution adopted on the subject expresses the desire of the Conference that the administration of the United Synagogue should endeavour to make all Jewish activities centre in the synagogue.

A further resolution appeals to all affiliated synagogues to assist generously in helping to carry into effect the plan of the Jewish National Fund to plant a George Washington Forest in Palestine in commemoration of the George Washington bicentenary.

Steps to bring about unity of action between the American Jewish Committee and the American Jewish Congress were taken as far back as the summer of 1929. After correspondence and an interview between the late Mr. Louis Marshall, then President of the American Jewish Committee, and Mr. Bernard Deutsch, President of the American Jewish Congress, Committees of Five were appointed of both bodies to meet from time to time for the purpose.

The Executive of the American Jewish Committee appointed as members of its Committee the late Mr. Louis Marshall, Dr. Cyrus Adler, the present President, Mr. Justice Irving Lehman, Dr. Lewis L. Straus, and Mr. Morris Waldman, Secretary of the American Jewish Committee, and the Administrative Committee of the American Jewish Congress appointed as its Committee Dr. Stephen S. Wise, Honorary President of the Congress, Mr. Bernard S. Deutsch, its President, Congressman Nathan Perlman, Mr. Baruch Zuckerman, and Mr. Bernard G. Richards.