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Mr. Grossman Denies Revisionists Want Mandate Taken Away from Britain: Looks to New British Orientat

Mr. Meer Grossman, Vice-President of the Revisionist World Union, has arrived in Czernowitz to attend the All-Roumanian Conference of Zionist Revisionists.

We have never demanded, and have never taken any action in the direction of having Britain give up the Mandate for Palestine in favour of another country, Mr. Grossman said here, but we are fully convinced that the administration of Palestine carried on by the Mandatory Power is doing harm to the Yishub, and steps must be taken so that Great Britain should change its policy in Palestine. We are confident, he added, that in the near future we shall witness a new orientation on the part of Great Britain in the East.

Mr. Grossman was given a banquet to-day at the Palace Potel here. During the banquet an unknown person threw a stone through the closed windows, which hit Mr. Grossman on the hand. The police are investigating the matter.