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Dark Outlook for German Jewry but No Panic Leaders of Union of Jewish Citizens Say: Should Centre Ag

If the Centre Party should agree to join a Coalition Government with the Nazis, all Jews in Government positions will be dismissed and Shechita will be prohibited throughout Germany, and if the Nazis should succeed in obtaining independent control of the Government they will undoubtedly enforce the whole of their antisemitic programme, is the warning addressed to German Jewry by leaders of the Central Union of German Citizens of Jewish Faith at a press conference arranged by the Union here to-day.

Dr. Bruno Weil, Herr Hans Reichmann, and Dr. Hirschberg, warned the Jewish press abroad against reports going about alleging that certain Jews in Germany were supporting the Nazis financially, and that some Jews were even joining the Nazi storm troops. The described these reports as utterly false and harmful.

The number of attacks on Jews in the streets are increasing, the speakers said. Dr. Reichmann mentioned that there had been six cases of Jews being attacked in Berlin streets in the last three days, one of the victims being a leader of the Central Union whose name was not disclosed.

The situation is serious, the speakers said, and the outlook for German Jewry seems dark, but we must not yield to panic, they urged.