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Vienna University Again Scene of Anti-jewish Fighting: Jewish Professors Flee to Save Themselves Fro

Antisemitic student disturbances broke out again at Vienna University to-day of so violent a character that the University Rectorate has ordered the University to be closed until it is possible to guarantee order.

Jewish students have been badly beaten both at the University itself and at the Commercial Academy, and five Jewish students have been rushed, streaming with blood, to the police first-aid stations to have their wounds dressed. The few Jewish professors at the University were also attacked and had to flee to escape molestation. The furniture in the Jewish students’ common room has been demolished.

After the closing of the University was announced, crowds of Nazis, including many students, marched through the streets and broke into the Judengasse, intending to renew on a larger scale last week’s attack on the Jewish shopkeepers, who had then driven them back. The police soon arrived on the scene, however, and dispersed the demonstrators.


The leniency of the Dollfus Government towards the extreme elements of the Right Parties has apparently encouraged both the Heimwehr and the Nationalist Socialists to conduct their political agitation with even more force than has been their custom in the past, the “Manchester Guardian” writes to-day. It is now becoming a regular thing, it says, for Nazis in their brown shirts to provoke passers-by in the streets of Vienna.