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Will Jerusalem Grand Mufti Go?: Fresh Elections to Supreme Moslem Council to Take Place Next Month:

Fresh elections to the Moslem Supreme Council will take place during July, the Arab organ “Mereat el Shark reports, and in well-informed quarters the report is stated to be correct.

The High Commissioner had an interview recently with members of the Supreme Moslem Council, the report says, in which the question of the elections to the Council was discussed and a decision was reached. The Council’s financial situation was also discussed.

No election to the Moslem Supreme Council has taken place since its formation by Sir Herbert Samuel in 1921, during his term of office as High Commissioner. Elections were held in 1926, but they were declared invalid by the Supreme Court after an action had been brought by the Moslem Opposition to the Grand Mufti.

The Government is expected to act now on the report of the Committee-appointed by Lord Plumer in 1926, to recommend a revision of the regulations of the Supreme Moslem Council, providing among other things for a system of election to the Council.

The report of the Committee was submitted to the Government in 1929, but was never published, and no action was taken on it, so far, the Palestine Government explaining that “action on this report was postponed owing to the August 1929 disturbances.

The Jaffa correspondent of the “Ahram”, however, states that he has learned that the elections to the Moslem Supreme Council will be held only for four members, and that the President (the Mufti) will retain his position permanently.

The correspondent adds that the Government has already informed the Arab leaders of the new laws with regard to the Moslem Council and the Municipalities.