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Safeguarding Jewish Interests in Germany: Decisions Adopted by Federation of Jewish Communities

The position of the Jews in Prussia (where about 70 per cent. of the Jews of Germany live, the majority of them in Berlin) in present political and economic conditions was the chief question under discussion at a special meeting of the General Council of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Prussia held here in closed session, the J.T.A. is informed in an official statement is sued by the Federation.

The Federation has found itself confronted with a number of serious problems, the statement says. It is not possible to make public the discussion which took place on these problems, nor the decisions which were adopted, but it can be said that the conclusions reached are of far-reaching importance and great value for the safeguarding of Jewish interests. The meeting also dealt with the question of the growing antisemitic tendencies in the country.

Other matters considered were the maintenance of the smaller Jewish Communities, the promotion of land settlement for unemployed Jews in the vicinity of the towns, and the formation of the projected All-German Federation of Jewish Communities.

It was decided to allocate funds to enable the smaller Jewish Communities which are having a hard struggle for existence, to provide proper Jewish religious education. It was also decided to promote as far as possible the movement for settling unemployed Jews in agriculture in the vicinity of the towns. A considerable sum has been granted by the Federation for this purpose. It is expected that a large number of unemployed Jews will in this way be given effective help.

The special Committee of the Federation which is dealing with the question of the projected All-German Federation of Jewish Communities has been asked to accelerate the preparatory work to make it possible to proceed to the establishment of the new all-embracing Federation of Jewish Communities.