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Jewish World Conference Will Be Held Despite Opposition: Will Not Be Deterred from Purpose American

The American Jewish Congress will not be deterred from its purpose of convoking the Jewish World Conference in Geneva in August, says an official statement issued here by the leaders of the American Jewish Congress, in reply to Dr. Cyrus Adler’s condemnation (reported in the J.T.A. Bulletin of the 18th. inst.), made in the name of the American Jewish Committee, of which he is President, describing the Jewish World Conference as a colossal blunder which can do no good and may do harm.

Dr. Cyrus Adler is accused in the statement of disrupting Jewish unity in the face of the gravest Jewish emergency.

A Conference of representatives of Jewish organisation in America is to be opened in Washington under the auspices of the American Jewish Congress on Saturday night, the 25th. inst., for the purpose of discussing the programme of the Jewish World Conference in Geneva in August, and of electing the American delegates.

A meeting of New York Jewish organisations which elected a hundred delegates to attend the Washington Conference was held a few days ago in New York, at which several leaders of the American Jewish Congress dealt with the objections which are being made to the Jewish World Conference.

Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the American Jewish Congress, said that those who counselled against the Geneva Conference are “Jews by a fraction and Jews by excuse and reservation”.

Faced with a situation of catastrophic proportions, he said, it becomes the duty of leaders of world Jewry to meet together to take common counsel in a common cause. We are being warned of the grave danger to the Jewries of the world from their respective persecutors and denunciators when they hear that Jews are organising for self-help. As if cowardice and the pusillanimity of the proverbial lamb has ever served to appease the bloodthirsty wolf.

The American Jewish Congress is acting in conjunction with the world presidium elected at the Basle Conference held during the time of the last Zionist Congress for the purpose of convening the World Conference being arranged in Geneva for August, and consisting of Rabbi Dr. Stephen S. Wise, Mr. Bern and Deutsch, Deputy Isaac Gruenbaum of Poland, Mr. Leo Motzkin of Paris, ex-Deputy Dr. Oscar Cohn of Germany, and Deputy Rabbi Nurok of Latvia.