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New Aliens Law Coming into Force in Germany Next Week Which Will Protect Alien Jews from Expulsion:

The new aliens law in Prussia, which comes into force on July 1st., has been published to-day, and the provisions have very much alleviated the alarm that existed in Jewish quarters where it was feared that if would result in the wholesale expulsion of foreign Jews.

The new law provides that no aliens may be expelled from Prussia who have lived in Germany for ten years or in Prussia for five years. No aliens, it further provides, may be expelled from the country who are liable to punishment on return to their native countries.

The bulk of the foreign Jewish population in Germany has been living in the country for more than ten years.

In addition, the majority of them are holders of the so-called Nansen passports, former Russian subjects who have not acquired Soviet citizenship, and would be liable to punishment on return to Russia. There are several thousand Jewish holders of Nansen passports living in Berlin alone.