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Revisionists Withdraw Boycott Against Jewish National Fund and Keren Hayesod: Statement by Executive

The Executive Committee of the World Union of Zionist Revisionists has issued a statement here announcing its decision to call on the Revisionists in Poland to withdraw their decision to boycott the Jewish Agency funds.

Recognising the justification of the Polish Revisionist Central Committee’s sharp protest against the conduct of the illegal Palestine Office in Poland, it says, identifying itself fully with the attitude which Polish Revisionism has adopted in its struggle against the unjust treatment of the Revisionists, and other Jews anxious to emigrate to Palestine; taking into account the circumstances which impelled the Polish Central Committee to suspend its support of the Zionist funds until the composition of the Palestine Offices shall have been legally established, the Executive Committee of the World Union of Zionist Revisionists decided at its last session:

(1) To summon the Zionist Executive before the Congress Court on the charge of a distinct breach of the decision of the 17th. Congress and of sabotaging the Congress decision in the interests of the ruling parties; (2) to call upon the Congress Attorney to order the dissolution of the old and illegal Palestine Offices, whose period of office terminated in December 1931; that the certificates already allocated by the abovementioned illegal institutions should be nullified, and that no certificates should be issued until the new Palestine offices have been legally constituted.

(3) Taking into account the fact that the Executive Committee is to undertake the above described actions before the Congress Court and with the Congress Attorney, and in consideration of the fact that the Polish Revisionists have already given full and clear expression to their righteous indignation, we call upon the Central Committee of the Union of Zionist Revisionists in Poland to withdraw their decision concerning the Jewish National Fund and the Keren Hayesod.

All Revisionists are asked to continue their work for the Fund until the conclusion of the Executive Committee’s actions referred to.