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Shechita Prohibition Illegal Anywhere in Czecho-slovakia: Decision by Supreme Administrative Court

The Town Council of Gablonz recently prohibited Shechita in the municipal slaughtering house.

The Jewish Community of Gablonz thereupon lodged a complaint with the Supreme Administrative Court, which has now handed down its decision, declaring that slaughtering according to the Jewish rite is one of the religious practices assured to citizens under the Constitution, and that it is a violation of this right guaranteed under the Constitution if the members of any Jewish religious Community anywhere in the Republic are not allowed to exercise their religious requirements in that place in which they are resident.

Even if they have the possibility of carrying-out their ritual slaughtering elsewhere, or of bringing in meat which has been slaughtered according to the practice of Shechita from outside, the decision says, this fact must not be utilised in order to deprive them of the right to satisfy their needs in Gablonz.

This decision by the Supreme Administrative Court of the Republic has been hailed by the Jewish population as cutting the ground from under the anti-Shechita agitation which has been carried on for some time in a number of towns in Bohemia.