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Prussian Confiscation Resolution Has No Practical Significance: Statement by Central Union of German

The resolution adopted by the Prussian Parliament for confiscating the property of East European Jews should be considered as only a demonstration without any practical significance, the Central Union of German Citizens of Jewish Faith declares in a statement to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

In the separate divisions on each of the eight resolutions which were then joined together in one resolution the Communists voted against confiscating the property of East European Jews. When the resolution was put as a whole they did vote for it, apparently because they were afraid that otherwise it would damage their propaganda, since they would have laid themselves open to the charge that they had opposed taxing big incomes and reducing the value of bonds. The Social Democrats also abstained in the final division, apparently for similar reasons.

The view taken in political circles, the statement proceeds, is that the adoption of the resolution has no practical significance. The Government is not required to act on such a resolution, because it is not legislation, but only incitement in the form of a resolution. The motion will probably be dealt with like the other demonstration resolutions introduced every day by the Nazis in the Prussian Parliament.