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Those Who Hoped Nazis Would Institute St. Bartholomew’s Night Against Jews Must Get That Idea out of

Deputy Bauer, one of the Nazi members of the Bavarian Parliament, speaking at a public meeting at Gern, a suburb of Munich, declared according to a report in the “Muenchener Post” that “under the Third Regime there will be neither Jewish officials nor Jewish attorneys, nor Jewish doctors, except that we shall permit a number of Jewish doctors to practice exclusively among the Jewish population.

“The solution of the Jewish question is very simple, he went on. Those who hoped that the National Socialists would institute a St. Bartholomew’s Night, massacring all Jews, must get that idea out of their heads. It is true that certain Jews who have committed crimes against the German people will be condemned, but they will have a proper trial, and everything will be done in strictly legal fashion before a purely Aryan court of law.

“As for the other Jews, life will be made so bitter to them that they will not be able to find any opening to make a living in Germany, and thus they will be compelled to emigrate.”