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Dessau Leads the Way Says Hitlerist Organ Lauding Decision Not to Employ Any Jews in Its Theatres

Dessau leads the way. No more Jewish producers and no more Jewish actors in Germany, says the “Voelkischer Beobachter” reporting that the new curatorium of the Friedrich Theatre in Dessau (the birthplace of Moses Mendelssohn), the capital of the State of Anhalt, which has a Nazi Government, has decided that no Jews are to be employed in future in the theatre in any capacity.

The three National Socialists in the Curatorium, it writes, the Prime Minister of Anhalt, Freyberg, who is Chairman; the President of the Anhalt Parliament, Nicolai, and the representative of the Dessau City Council, Hofman, may be trusted to carry through their demands for a complete change in the policy of the theatre. The Friedrich Theatre is henceforth barred to all Jewish artists.