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Jews Dominate German Theatre Film and Art Says Nazi Deputy in Prussian Parliament: Jewish Films and

Deputy Dr. Haupt, a Nazi Deputy for Hanover, speaking in the Prussian Parliament, accused the Jews of dominating the German theatre, film, radio and painting.

The German stage has become a Jewish business undertaking, he said. The Jewish film and Jewish jazz are corrupting German taste and are a destructive influence. The radio is a propaganda instrument for Jewish Bolshevism and Jewish business. Painting is dominated by the race-alien art dealers Flechtheim and Cassirer. A man named Friedlander has all the say in our German art museum as to what is to be considered art. Our new German architectural style is based on Jewish barracks. The employment lists in our German theatres look like a directory of the ghetto, and it seems as if there is a rule there that no German actor may be engaged.