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Ludendorff Breaks with Hitler Because of Terrorization Tactics

General Erich von Ludendorff, famous German commander, whose activities since the end of the world war, have included vitriolic attacks upon the Jews broke today for the second time within two years with his former ally, Adolph Hitler, National Socialist leader.

The “Volksvorte,” organ of Ludendorff, who in 1923 was co-leader with Adolph Hitler, of the abortive armed uprising in Munich, today denounces Hitler’s Storm Troops for their terrorization tactics.

The Ludendorff organ sharply scores the Storm Troops for ignoring the government’s armistice pledge and indulging in terrorism, leading to blood-shed unexampled in Germany since the persecution of the heretics.

The action of the Storm Troops shows what the German nation may expect from these so-called Christians, asserts the “Volksvorte.”