State Reports of Anti-semitic Danger in Argentine Exaggerated
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State Reports of Anti-semitic Danger in Argentine Exaggerated

Reports appearing abroad as to the dangers to the Jewish community in Argentine from the agitation of a group of anti-Semites were labelled here yesterday as exaggerated.

The anti-Communist demonstration, which is a pretext for anti-Semitism, passed without incident on Saturday and the announced raid on the Jewish quarters of the city failed to come off.

Mounted police reserves in large patrols were stationed in the vicinity of the assembling place of the demonstration while the Jewish business and residential districts were guarded by mounted police armed with rifles.

A petition with 50,000 signatures was submitted to the Senate, urging the deportation of all foreigners engaged in Communist propaganda and the imprisonment of Argentines for similar deeds.

Noticeable among the throng of demonstrators was a group of Hitlerites attired in full Hitlerite regalia.

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