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News Brief

The “Voelkischer Beobachter”, Hitler’s Munich organ, today reproduces an interview with Lord Melchett of England which appeared in the “Daily Herald,” and utilizes it for a new attack upon the Jews.

The interview with Lord Melchett quoted the latter as protesting against the anti-Jewish agitation of the Nazis in Germany and was entitled: “England can save the Jews.”

The “Beobachter” asserts that it is a call to England to interfere in Germany’s internal affairs, instigating to a revival of war and a new international conflict for the benefit of the Jews.

The government of Chancellor Franz von Papen and all responsible groups in Germany are called upon by the “Berliner Tageblatt” today to form a united front against depravity, moral savagery, brutality and annihilation.

The paper’s appeal is issued as a reply to the call to pogroms issued by Paul Joseph Goebbels in “Der Angriff,” Nazi organ, yesterday.