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Central Verein Publication Severely Criticizes Geneva Conference Proceedings

Writing in the publication of the Central Verein, Dr. Alfred Wiener sharply criticizes the work of the Jewish World Conference recently held at Geneva.

Dr. Wiener, who is one of the leading members of the Central Verein Executive declares that, neither the Central Verein nor any other non-Zionist organization in Europe or America could have participated in this gathering which had as its basic condition recognition of membership in a Jewish political nation.

The writer protests at the impression conveyed in press reports from the Geneva conference that there exists a Jewish people united politically and having their own political aims. In doing so, he stresses the fact that the delegates at the conference went unelected by anyone and did not represent the Jewries in whose name they spoke. With such a means, Dr. Wiener says, we cannot fight anti-Semitism, which requires a slow and incessant campaign of enlightenment on the part of every Jew.