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Rabbi Mattuck Says English Jewry Did Not Participate Because Congress is Futile

Writing in the Manchester Guardian, Rabbi Israel I. Mattuck, of the Liberal Synagogue explains why English Jewish organizations failed to participate in the world Jewish conference in Geneva which decided upon the convening of a world Jewish congress in the summer of 1934.

English Jewry did not participate in the Geneva conference because of the inevitable futility of a world Jewish congress, Rabbi Mattuck asserts. Such a congress will be unable to produce practical results due to the diversity among the Jews of the world, Rabbi Mattuck holds.

We must fight anti-Semitism separately, he asserts, Jews in each land fighting to save their nations from anti-Semitic madness. We want no congress oratory with resolutions at a time when practical help is needed, says Rabbi Mattuck.

English Jewry, he says, is ready to come to the assistance of its co-religionists without congresses.