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Centrists Reassure Jews Rights Will Not Be Infringed; Jews Are Concerned over Coalition Bargain

Some concern over the trend which the negotiations between the Centre and National Socialist parties for a coalition has been taking has been expressed to Centre headquarters by representatives of the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith and by spokesmen for Zionist bodies who supported the Centre Party candidates in the last Reichstag elections, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learns today.

The Jewish population has been caused some anxiety by the reports that the Centre Party has offered the Nazis two key offices in the event of a coalition, namely the portfolios of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Worship, the Jewish representatives stated, it is understood.

The post of Minister of Interior, according to the reports, had been proffered to the outspoken anti-Semite, the Nazi deputy, Kube.

If these ministries are controlled by Nazis they are certain to become the instruments for the persecution of Jews and the Jewish religion, the Jewish representatives pointed out.

Centre Party spokesmen assured the Jewish delegation once again that the negotiations with the Nazis are being conducted on the basis of the constitution with guarantee of the equality of rights for all citizens. The Centre Party will see to it that Jewish rights are not infringed upon, they reiterated.