Jewish Tourists Narrowly Escape Arab Mob Attack in Transjordania
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Jewish Tourists Narrowly Escape Arab Mob Attack in Transjordania

A number of Jewish tourists narrowly escaped serious injury when they were attacked by an Arab mob upon arrival in Transjordania, according to a report appearing in the local press.

The travelers were stoned by the Arabs and ten out of the twenty-eight did sustain injuries. They were saved from serious consequences when the driver of the bus in which they were traveling succeeded in getting his motor started and speedily proceeded towards Amman where the tourists obtained ample government protection.

The Hebrew press devotes considerable space to the attack and indicated that quite obviously it had been planned for the visitors found themselves surrounded by hundreds of Arabs who appeared upon the scene suddenly when a shot was fired into the air upon their arrival.

From Amman the tourists were escorted by a police guard and were brought safely into Palestine territory. Most of the tourists were from Tel Aviv. Immediately upon their return they lodged a complaint with the High Commissioner.

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