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Agitate Against Jews when Forester Dies from Wounds of Rifle Exploded Accidentally

Vigorous agitation against the Jews is developing in Marmarosh in connection with the accidental death of a forester named Petke, while seated in a village inn owned by a Jew, Joseph Grinfeld, “Unser Zeit” reports.

Petke was seated with a rifle between his legs when it suddenly went off and killed him.

An investigation established his death to be accidental. This, however, did not satisfy the anti-Semitic Cuzists, says the paper, who started agitation among the peasants, declaring that the Jews murdered Petke.

The agitation would not have carried much weight with the peasants, states “Unser Zeit,” were it not for the sudden decision of the public prosecutor at Sighet to order the exhumation of the body for the purposes of a new investigation.

The Jewish population of Marmarosh is awaiting the results of this new investigation with some tension, the paper reports.