2 Jewish Communists Sentenced to Death; Plead Innocence
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2 Jewish Communists Sentenced to Death; Plead Innocence

Two Jewish Communists were sentenced to death today by a special court which tried them on charges of having participated in an attack in Charlottenburg on Hitler Storm Troop Number 33, where one Nazi was killed.

The two Jews sentenced were among, four Communists tried on the same charges.

The Jews, Werner Caam, aged 23, a clerk in a store and Fritz Zweig, aged twenty, a painter, pleaded not guilty. They maintain they did not participate in the attack. The public prosecutor insisted upon his charges because, it is explained, the two Jews organized a household defense against Nazi attacks.

The storm troop, allegedly attacked, is notorious for its part in the attack on the Jews on the Jewish New Year, last year. The Nazi killed is named Batschke.

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