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Comsomol Seeks 440 Volunteers for Settlement in Bira Bidjan for Period of Two Years

A delegate has been despatched from Bira Bidjan to recruit 440 volunteers from the Comsomol, Communist youth organization, for settlement in Bira Bidjan, it was learned yesterday.

The delegate will work in co-operation with the Ukrainian Comsomol which has issued an appeal for the 440 volunteers, particularly for building activity.

Thus far, however, only seventy-two have registered. The 440 volunteers will be required to serve for a period of two years.

The Bira Bidjan delegate has been instructed by the Bidjan administration not to minimize the hardships involved and to accept only such volunteers as are willing to recruit themselves in the face of the frequent lack of food, the summer floods which have this year destroyed most of the crop and the lack of adequate housing facilities, 2000 people at present being without homes.