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Elaborate Precautions for Holyday Services Completed with Police Department

Plain clothes police will stand on guard at the synagogues during the High Holydays and uniformed police will be stationed in the vicinity of the temples in the event emergencies arise, according to arrangements completed today between the Jewish Community and the Police Department.

As another safety measure, the Jewish Community will appoint Commissars to be stationed within the synagogues and temples and who will maintain contact with the police should the necessity for their intervention arise.

The elaborate precautions being arranged are undertaken to prevent any possible disturbances in view of the general incitement against the Jews and the recollection of last year’s excesses during the Jewish New Year.the progress of the trial, which brought frequent threats by the Judge that he would order the court-room cleared.

Lippert Krause, editor of “Der Angriff,” failed to prove his accusations against Weiss, while a number of Nazi witnesses were disqualified either as former convicts or as persons who had previously been fined for libelous charges.