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League Council Records Iraq Ratifies Its Declaration; Last Step for Admission Completed

The Council of the League of Nations today recorded the fact that Iraq has ratified its statement of the terms upon which it may dispense with the Mandates system and enter the League of Nations as a full member.

Britain’s mandate over Iraq will expire on the day on which Iraq is formally admitted to the League.

The recording of Iraq’s ratification of the declaration of the Council of the League completes the steps which Iraq must take before eligibility for admission to the League.

The Council’s declaration which Iraq has accepted provides for the protection of minorities in Iraq in line with minorities treaties and declarations which already bind a number of the members of the League of Nations.

Sir John Simon, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs proposed to the Council that the Mandates Commission be invited to consider three petitions of Assyrians who are opposed to the abolition of the mandate, before the League accepts Iraq as a member.