Spain Grants 10,000 Ptas for Cordova Synagogue
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Spain Grants 10,000 Ptas for Cordova Synagogue

A grant of ten thousand ptas has been made by the Spanish Government for the restoration work of the ancient Cordova Synagogue as an architectural monument of ancient Spain. This grant has been made by the Spanish Government following the decision of a Parliamentary Committee to reject the proposal made in Parliament to transfer the care of the Cordova Synagogue to the Jewish Community.

The Parliamentary Committee explained the rejection by the fact that the present Government is a lay Government and as such cannot take an interest in any religious questions. It also pointed out that it would scarcely be possible to create a centre of Jewish culture in Cordova as was intended by those who proposed to Parliament that the synagogue should be transferred to the Jews, because under the present conditions there are hardly any Jews in Cordova, and this could not be achieved.

In making the grant of 10,000 ptas the Government does not indicate what it intends to do with the Synagogue when it is restored. It is possible that it will be used as a museum similar to many other architectural monuments of Spain, but it is certain that the synagogue will not be used as a place of worship for the Jews.

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