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2 Cuzist Deputies Suspended from Parliament for 10 Days for Attack on Deputy Landau

The Cuzist deputies, Robu and Adam, were suspended from Parliament today for a period of ten days as punishment for their attack upon the Jewish Deputy, Michael Landau, in the lobby of Parliament on September 26th.

The suspension ruling was issued after two votes had been taken. The first vote failed to produce the necessary Parliamentary majority of ninety-nine.

Considerable indignation was aroused among liberal and Jewish deputies by the results of the first vote and Parliament was criticized for failing to carry out even elementary punishment for such brutalities as occurred within Parliament last week.

The Jewish Club considered taking vigorous action had Parliament failed to order suspension of the deputies on the second vote.

Deputy Landau was attacked by the Cuzist representatives when he had remonstrated against Deputy Robu’s act in tripping up another Jewish deputy, Dr. Meyer Ebner, as the latter was descending the speaker’s rostrum.