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Nazi Headquarters Expel Saalfeldt; Order Inquiry into Racial Origin of All Leaders

Nazi headquarters in Berlin have ordered the expulsion from the party of Dr. Wolfgang Saalfeldt, Nazi leader at Eutin in Holstein, because he is of Jewish origin.

The case of Dr. Saalfeldt has recently occupied a leading position in the press. Dr. Saalfeldt brought a libel action against the local leader of the Tannenberg League because the latter charged he was of Jewish origin. He was not, however, able to dispute the proofs.

A leader of the Nazi party in Luebeck, Dr. Brendel, testified in court at the time, that Saalfeldt would be permitted to remain in the Party because of his services despite the fact that he is a Jew.

Now comes the sequel to the whole affair with the order from Nazi headquarters to expel Saalfeldt.

Simultaneously it was announced that a thorough investigation into the racial origin of all leaders of the Nazi party would be conducted to establish whether or not they are Jews.