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Reveal Adolph Hitler Asked Hindenburg to Permit Nazis 3 Days for Revenge on Enemies

Withdrawal of the police for three days and nights so that Nazi Storm Troops might be permitted a free hand in exercising “the night of the long knife” to revenge themselves on their enemies, was demanded by Adolph Hitler in his conversation with President Paul von Hindenburg regarding the Chancellorship, it is revealed today by the organ of the “Stahlhelm.”

The paper makes the revelation with boldness and challenges anyone to deny the allegation, if possible.

Democratic circles and adherents of Chancellor Franz von Papen expect the government to offer some confirmation of this charge in order that the German nation may be authoritatively acquainted with the actual dangers which confront it should Hitler succeed in attaining his aspirations.

There is no doubt in Jewish circles but that the first victims would have been Jews had Hitler’s request been granted by President von Hindenburg.