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Prof. Dubnov Urges Extension of Aid to Jews Seeking New Future in Other Lands

Professor Simon Dubnov, noted Jewish historian, today sent a cabled message to the Hias urging that its work with American Jewry to provide new ports of entry for the Jewish wanderer, continue.

“The economic situation of Eastern Jewry is catastrophic, “Professor Dubnov cabled. “The Jewish emigrant stands helpless and perplexed on the threshold of a few countries to which immigration is still open. It is the duty of American Jewry and the Hias, who have historical merits in the field of helping Jewish emigrants to make a new effort to help the Jewish wanderer in his time of need.” Hias and to contribute to its support was issued here today by Rabbi Haim Ozer Grodzenski.

“I appeal to our American brethren, on the occasion of the Yomim Noroim, to remember the most useful work which the Hias has been doing in behalf of emigrants the world over and to lend all possible assistance to it,” Rabbi Grodzenski declared.