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Many Jews May Refrain from Voting in Reichstag Elections, Because No Choice of Parties

The belief that many Jews will refrain from voting in the forthcoming elections to the Reichstag, because they do not know for which party to vote, is expressed here.

The Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith has issued a slogan: “Any one who does not vote, votes for Hitler.” But this has only served to complicate the situation inasmuch as the organization does not advise the Jews for which parties to vote, indicating only which parties are anti-Semitic.

The Jewish voter who does not adhere to Socialist views and does not wish to vote for the Social-Democrats, faces a dilemma.

The State Party, in addition to the fact that it no longer carries any weight, has now excluded Jewish candidates from its election list.

Grave doubts exist with regard to the attitude of the Centre Party toward the Jews in view of recent occurrences. Little is now heard of Georg Kareski, and his Jewish group which attached themselves to the Centre Party.

The Nationalist Party, moreover, has definite anti-Jewish clauses in its constitution and of course offers little attraction for the Jewish voter.

Under the circumstances the Jewish voter may abstain from voting altogether.