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Mosley Says Fascists Will Oppose Jews Who Aid Communists, Are Anti-british

Sir Oswald Mosley, founder of Britain’s new Fascist party, precipitated a fight at a mass meeting which he addressed last night when in referring to the Russian revolution, he spoke of its “three warriors of class war all from Jerusalem.”

When a member of the audience protested against this anti-Semitic remark, Mosley ordered him thrown out of the auditorium. This was the signal for disturbances in which Communist sympathizers took part.

Later when Mosley was questioned with regard to the hostility of the Fascists toward the Jews, he replied that the Fascist hostility is directed only against those who finance the Communists or pursue an anti-British policy.

The reply is accepted as an indication that Mosley is inclining more and more to an undisguised identification with anti-Semitism.