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Irish Dail Takes Up Anti-semitic Attacks of Coty Against Only Jewish Member

The recent attack upon Robert Briscoe, only Jewish member of the Irish Dail by “Le Figaro”, Paris daily controlled by the anti-Semitic perfume manufacturer, Francois Coty, was brought up at a session of the Dail on Friday.

Foreign Minister MacGilligan revived the matter when he demanded why the first Figaro article attacking an individual member of the Dail was taken up by the Irish envoy in France, Count O’Kelly de Gallagh while the second Figaro article accusing the Irish Deputy of negotiating with Soviet Russia, was ignored.

Prime Minister Eamon De Valera stated that he had personally questioned Briscoe, at the time of the first attack, and was satisfied with his frank statements. Therefore he had urged the Irish Free State envoy to issue his statement taking up the allegations.

This second article, the Prime Minister said, did not attack an individual