Rabbi Berlin Calls for Abolition of Immigration Schedule System
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Rabbi Berlin Calls for Abolition of Immigration Schedule System

The government has met the Zionists not unsympathetically, declared Nahum Sokolow, president of the World Zionist Organization yesterday in a message to the conference of British Mizrachi.

Dr. Sokolow departed for Palestine today.

Rabbi Meyer Berlin, president of the world Mizrachi Organization, who was present at the conference, demanded the abolition of the immigration schedule system. The system, he stated, involves constant trepidation concerning what the government will decide as to the number of the immigration certificates to be granted.

“We are responsible for the building up of Palestine,” Rabbi Berlin asserted, “and we are worthy of determining the size of the immigration stream.” He protested against what he termed “the scandalous inadequacy of the number of certificates granted middle class settlers.”

Rabbi Berlin stated that regardless of whether or not the Mizrachi decides to retain its members on the Zionist Executive the Mizrachi will not secede from the Zionist Organization.

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