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Hitler Declines Hindenburg’s Terms; Wants to Head Cabinet Independent of Reichstag

President Paul von Hindenburg’s terms for the formation of a government were rejected yesterday by Adolph Hitler in a communication in which he pointed out that the formation of a government on a parliamentary basis was impossible and undesirable as well.

Instead, the Nazi chieftain urged that the Cabinet crisis allows of solution only through a cabinet directly responsible to the presidential authority.

Hitler urged a cabinet responsible to the President who would be empowered to rule without the sanction of Parliament if need be. Declaring his willingness to head such a government, Hitler promised to place at the disposal of the president the National Socialist movement.

In Nazi circles, the report is current that President von Hindenburg is weakening in his opposition to Hitler

and the doors have been left open to further negotiation.

On the other hand, it is said the President declared that he does not know Hitler well enough or have sufficient confidence in him, to permit him to form a presidential cabinet responsible to him alone.