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Polish Student Wounded on Tuesday Confesses He Was Not Shot, but Hand Grenade He Carried Exploded Pr

A sensation was caused here today with the disclosure that the Polish student, Zamorski, who was wounded on Tuesday, when a shot was presumably fired from an open window at the funeral procession returning from services for Jan Grotowski, was not shot but wounded by a hand grenade which he himself carried and which had exploded prematurely.

Zamorski confessed to the premature explosion of the hand grenade and was immediately placed under arrest in the hospital, where he is lying in a hopeless condition.

The discovery that Zamorski was not shot, came about today when an operation performed on him disclosed no bullet wound, but rather pieces of tin in his hand and neck. The wounded youth finally confessed what had happened.

As a result of his confession, three Jews who had been held chained in prison, were released today. The wounding of Zamorski on Tuesday led to serious outburts against the Jews.

The anti-Semitic National Democratic Organization, seeking to disclaim Zamorski, now declares that he is a pro-government student. An investigation, however, affirmed that he is allied with the National Democrats.

The University of Lemberg was reopened today without incident.