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Breach Between Adolph Hitler and Gregor Strasser Affecting Alignments in Nazi Party

The breach between Adolph Hitler and Gregor Strasser, one of the leaders of the Nazi Party, is already beginning to have its effect upon the alignments of the different groups within the party.

Today, the Nazi fraction in the Prussian Diet, headed by Wilhelm Kube, head of the fraction, published a declaration of loyalty and allegiance to Hitler, in an attempt to counter-act the effect of Strasser’s departure. The statement describes Strasser’s action as due to Jewish efforts to break up the Nazi Party from within, and declares that these evidences of Jewish incitement against the Nazis must result in the submergence of moderate Nazi tendencies.

The fact that the Nazis should have felt impelled to issue a statement of this kind may be regarded as a symptom of the seriousness of the rift within the Party and the dissatisfaction felt by moderate Nazi opinion against Hitler’s determination not to make use of constitutional means in place of his tactics of “storm and violence”.